Spiced Sugah Turns 1!


This past weekend I crawled from underneath my rock, made a cake out of rose petals and dandelion roots with three burning sandalwood incense to top it because Spiced Sugah turned one years old ! Fast forward to now, Im laying on the couch with a Gold Mask half dry on my face and Scalp Oil soaked hair . I am patiently waiting for the Shea butter on the stove to melt and just reminiscing about this wellness line and its future.

When I first started making Spiced Sugah products (several years ago), I went through tons of trials for each product way before I launched. Believe it or not there was a time when the face oil was so oily you probably could have successfully lubricated a car engine and the toothpaste was so sweet, you could have mistaken it for cake icing. It took research, patience, courage, & my human testers (of course I tested everything on myself for months first) I spent 4 years perfecting each product and I’ve enjoyed every second. The Face Tonic fully absorbs into your skin leaving behind no greasy residue and the Toothpaste is the perfect balance of minty fresh with a cool finish.

Ive spent weeks, months nursing the hell out of this baby and I’m extremely proud of where it’s at and where it’s going!

Happy Birthday Spiced Sugah !


Photo credit : filthymcdave 

Lauren Pennington