Adding Some Spice to Our Sugah

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It is currently Tuesday morning, 8:08am to be exact and I'm in full Bambi eye mood, taking small sips from a paper straw of Irish moss, and obsessing over this eye cream I'm going to launch soon. I can't decide if gel or oil based is the wave. I personally like the idea of both. A sticky goo vs a slippery gunk all full of good lusciousness for the paper thin skin full of tiny veins puffed with blood that are in daily desperate need of nurturing! 


Ugh, the seriousness of the situation will force me to adult and pick a side. I've whipped up two velvety, super moisturizing, hydrating, dark circle life saver eye guards. Same ingredients except for the base. One is  oil based & one aloe (water) based and don't get me started on how launching them both makes me feel indecisive. (especially since there are currently two body butters available & two full body scrubs but I digress) Before I drown you in eye cream talk, (more than I already have) swim up for air and know that I owe you reading this, all the praise! Thank you for coming here and being interested in my Spiced Sugah all organic wellness line and taking the time to read my herb induced thoughts (marijuana not included).

 The cool part is, Spiced Sugah launching happened by mistake kind of. The vanity in me wanted to start making my own products. I needed them to show almost instant results without harsh chemicals, that if I stopped using the product, didn't set me back 100 wrinkles worse than when I started. The very idea of this pushed me to great measures far beyond the silver lining. On the flip, the hypochondriac side of me didn't want to die from the chemicals that I couldn't pronounce on the back of my store bought skin care products & that fear pushed me to get rid of my product junkie ways & rely on Mother Nature. 


  I simplified my 5 step wakeup routine & settled for an unscented face bar & water. I spent 4 years reading, researching, asking questions, & whipping up & testing out every herb & oil known to man on myself. (don't try this) Luckily, paua de arco & oregano essential oil weren't strong enough to take me out even when I pushed the limit ! ( did I mention how luck was on my side) I can honestly say applying experience to the information I retained makes me feel bold & honest with my brand. I know all of my products and their ingredients very intimately. You have nothing to worry about!


   Know that a lot of tears, smiles, support from family & friends, nothing but love, contributed to the daily motivation that allowed me the confidence & the fuel to bring you these products.  Spiced Sugah was created to preserve your good looks but most importantly remove harsh chemicals from your everyday necessities so you can feel like the organic, best version of YOU ! That's all we all want anyway right ? 




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